Aleister Crowley and the Devil Card

Aleister Crowley (seated)
For years I’ve been fascinated by a weird photo of Aleister Crowley in some sort of yogic pose with a deranged look on his face. Recently, in preparation for a Tarot Boot Camp I was teaching, I found myself staring at the Devil card in the Tarot de Marseilles. Something was familiar about it, but I couldn’t place my finger on what it was.

And then it clicked.

What do you think? Did the Devil of the 16th century Tarot de Marseilles predict the appearance of the Great Beast himself three centuries later?

Aleister Crowley with the Devil Tarot Card

I’m kidding, of course. I think. . . .

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  1. Gary

    it better: the Tarot raenidg allows the brain to get out of its own way ! Something I wish I’d known when I started, is that It is really important to feel free to refuse to read for some people. When I read for others, I expend alot of energy. Reading for someone who doesn’t feel right sucks that energy like a vast black hole. It’s better just to walk away in those situations. You are not obliged to read. Ever. I don’t charge for raenidgs, but I’ve heard of readers who do charge kindly refusing and returning a fee. Really it’s not worth it if the energy is wrong. I think I became a better reader when I took control of the environment I use only the deck that I prefer, in a setting that is comfortable for me, with people that have a good energy about them. Reading tarot is an active thing, and I do a better job when I’m comfortable.Your mileage, however, may vary ! Good luck to you, Literata!


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