Personal Readings

The Tarot is an incredible tool for looking deeply into our lives and can offer guidance and insight in matters of relationships, life changes, and spiritual growth. Most personal readings take 45 minutes to one hour and can be done in your home (Baltimore metro area) or at a public location (such as a coffee shop).

Although I prefer one-on-one readings in person, I can also provide a reading via Skype or email. Please email me for pricing.

Want to see what the cards can say to you? Book a reading now.

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  1. Balah

    Thank you so much for sharing your eieerxpnce and advice! I’m thinking about including in my explanation of my style that, basically, I expect you to talk to me about some of what’s going on. I don’t want to do readings for people who are there to test me I don’t think that’s how Tarot works, so why should I try to do something the wrong way around? I’ve promised myself that I won’t fish like that, either. I’ll present maybes and alternatives and possibilities, or I’ll flat-out ask if something (or someone) like that is in the querent’s environment. If they don’t want to tell me, that’s fine, or if they want to wait until closer to the end of the reading, that’s fine too, but then I’ll be presenting possibilities and projections, not working with them on their issues. I feel exactly the same way about it clarifying the present. That’s closely related to why I don’t think it’s a psychic process (for most meanings of the word), I think it’s a reflective, counseling one. Thank you so much for the good advice I will not hesitate to refuse a reading if it’s the wrong situation or an absolute drain. Hopefully, I’ll let you know how it goes, too, with some general posts on the topic!


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