Save the Date! Upcoming Classes in Baltimore:

(Johns Hopkins Odyssey Advanced Academics Program)
3 Nights: Wednesdays, April 13-27th
Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus, Baltimore, MD
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Next Date To Be Announced.
Details on the Advanced Tarot Workshop are here.


Join author and tarot expert Michael M. Hughes for a hands-on, highly visual exploration of the fascinating history, art, and practical use of this ancient system of divination and personal development. From its origins as a gambling game in 15th century Italy to its transformation into an esoteric teaching tool in Europe in the 1800s and its widespread popularity in our own era, the 78-card deck has always been shrouded in mystery and myth. This 3-session workshop uses gorgeous imagery and the latest academic insights to demystify the history and use of the tarot, along with teaching a practical, effective method for reading the cards for personal insight that requires no memorization or belief in the supernatural.

Students will need to bring a deck of Rider-Waite tarot cards, readily available at most major booksellers and online—see list of retailers below.

What Previous Students are Saying:


“Michael makes it extremely easy to follow along, whether you have worked with the cards before or whether you have never had a deck prior to taking his class.  New students will be able to leave this class as not just tarot readers, but with an understanding of the meanings of the cards.

The presentation itself is expertly done with wonderful graphics that help move the presentation along at an engaging, fast (but not overwhelming) pace. But best of all: Michael is fun!  He is animated and clearly loves his subject matter. I was wowed by the amount of research he put into this class. I laughed a lot during this class, as did everyone else.  An engaged teacher makes for an engaged class.

This is a boot camp that is worth your time and money, whether you want to just find out more about the Tarot for yourself or you plan on reading for others. There is no such thing as knowing all there is about the Tarot, but this class is a great way to start.”

—Patricia Haley, Baltimore

“My daughter and I both enjoyed the class, and the way Michael presented this complex subject was thoughtful, insightful, and helpful.  I would certainly recommend the class to anyone interested in becoming more familiar with Tarot.”

—C. E., New York, NY

“I enjoyed the class immensely. I’m still so excited! All these years of learning on my own, and there was so much more I learned from you that I had not covered . . . When the student is ready, the teacher appears!”

—Charles R., Baltimore


Art & Magic of the Tarot Workbook

Classes utilize the Rider-Waite (or Waite-Smith) Tarot Deck.

Required: Each student must bring the Rider Tarot Deck (also known as the Waite-Smith (WS) deck). Here is a list of recommended decks for the Art and Magic of the Tarot, Tarot Boot Camp, and other classes, with links to buy them online. But please consider purchasing your deck from your local bookseller or occult/new age retailer.

Bonus: Each student will receive The Art & Magic of the Tarot Workbook, with a wealth of useful charts, spreads, keywords for each card, exercises, recommended books and websites, and much more.

In-depth discussions and practical exercises will cover:

  • What is the True History of the Tarot?
  • Tarot for Personal Growth and Insight
  • The Quick and Easy Way to Understand Any Card
  • “Speed-dating” with the Major Arcana
  • Elemental Meanings of the Minor Cards
  • The Court Cards: How to Read Them
  • The One Simple, 5-Card Spread You Will Never Forget
  • The Dance of Discovery: How to Give the BEST Readings for Yourself and Others
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