Advanced Tarot Classes and Professional Development

Advanced Tarot Workshop with Michael M. Hughes

If you are a beginner, please see the Tarot Boot Camp page.

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Advanced Tarot Workshop with Michael M. Hughes
Take your readings and understanding of the cards to a higher level!

This course is only available to those who have graduated from the Tarot Boot Camp or, with the instructor’s permission, to experienced and/or established professional readers.

This intensive, highly personal, four-hour workshop is limited to a small number of students who wish to increase their confidence when doing readings, deepen their relationship with the cards and their symbolism, and build creative imagination and intuition. The course is ideal for those who are considering a career as a professional reader.

Art & Magic of the Tarot Workbook
Bonus: Each student will receive an advanced supplement to The Art & Magic of the Tarot Workbook (provided to all participants of the Tarot Boot Camp) with new material that covers numerological symbolism, Kabbalistic correspondences, tips on working with traditional and non-traditional decks, advice on “going pro” with your readings, and further powerful exercises and techniques.

The small group enables personal, one-on-one instruction with each student—an experience you cannot get from reading books or taking online courses. You will do actual, real-time readings with your fellow students and receive instant, direct feedback.

Topics and exercises to be covered include:

  • Getting in the Zone: Meditations and Visualizations to Enhance Your Readings
  • Guided Visualizations (drawn from the Golden Dawn and other esoteric spiritual teachings)  to Go Deeper into the Major Arcana
  • Beyond the Waite-Smith: Using Traditional and Non-Traditional Decks
  • Preparation for Reading Professionally (or Just Reading Like a Professional)

 You will need to bring:

  • A notebook and pencil/pen. This is very important, as we will cover a lot of material.
  • Your Waite-Smith (also known as the Rider-Waite) deck or any of its “clones” (see examples at this link). You may also bring any other decks you have used or would like to begin using. The other decks I recommend are found on this page.
  • Your questions! Please bring a list of things you want to learn more about or problems you are facing in your current readings or studies.
  • A box lunch, snack, and water bottle or other drink(s). Coffee and tea will be provided. You will have access to a kitchen with a microwave and a refrigerator.
  • A desire to go beyond simple readings and to develop a more powerful intuition and a deeper relationship with these deeply resonant and powerful 78 cards.

This class is designed not just to provide you with advanced instruction, but to answer your questions and to help you get past blocks in your readings and studies. If you want to take your readings to a professional level, this is the course for you.

The Advanced Tarot Workshop is a prerequisite for 2016’s Going Pro: Tarot Professional Master Course, the most comprehensive class of its kind for readers serious about entering the professional Tarot market.

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