Bring Your Cards to Life: 3D Tarot

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of this?” ideas that knocked me for a loop. And I’m so excited to share it!

I was reading Gareth Knight’s Tarot & Magic: The Treasure House of Images (and I recommend all of Knight’s Tarot books without reservation) when I came across this simple and amazing idea: creating card-stock stands to hold your cards upright. And although the transformation is simple, it is quite profound, and really brings the cards to life as living, breathing beings instead of two-dimensional images lying flat on a table. Take a look (the cards are from the Tarot de Marseille by Jodorowsky and Camoin):

Stand-up Tarot with card stock bases

See what I mean? They suddenly spring to life. And rearranging them to watch how they interact in this fuller dimension really adds to understanding the cards as individuals, which is a key to getting to know them in depth.

Want to make your own stands? Of course you do!

Grab some index cards or card stock. You’ll need to cut a strip—3/4 inch or 2cm in height by 3-1/2 inches/9cm wide seems to work fine for most cards, but adjust accordingly. Fold the strip in half, then make 2 cuts as shown here.

Card stock bases for Tarot cards

Insert a card and voila! Isn’t that cool? Suddenly your cards are liberated from the prison of Flatland and come alive in a new way.

Sometimes the simplest things can be extraordinarily powerful.

Thanks to Gareth Knight. Now let’s do some magic, shall we?

Magician card on stand


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