Ramsey Dukes on Tarot (and much more)

When it comes to magic (the consciousness-changing magic, not the let-me-show-you-a-trick magic), Ramsey Dukes is one of my favorite writers.  His facetiously titled SSOTBME (aka Sex Secrets of the Black Magicians Exposed) was a game-changer in the genre, but I recommend all of his books wholeheartedly.

In this video, Ramsey (real name: Lionel Snell) discusses a video of a cold reading discussion between Richard Dawkins and mentalist Derren Brown, and explains why hardcore materialists are missing the boat when it comes to the practical value of esoteric arts like astrology and Tarot. You can skip to the six-minute mark to get right to the Tarot discussion, but I encourage you to watch the whole clip (and no, it isn’t sideways like the preview shows).

If you find this as stimulating as I do, you can find more of these great, short videos on his YouTube channel.

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