Video Interview with a NYC Tarot Reader

This is an excellent short video about Ferol Humphrey, a NYC Tarot reader and educator. She uses some beautiful historical decks, including the Tarot de Marseille. The short article accompanying the video is here.

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  1. Leila

    Becky,This is a great article with many exnellect points. As you and I have written a lot, despite the so called globalization in which we live, there is a long, long, way to go before we have true globalization if it ever happens.There are still far too many pre-conceptions, misunderstandings, ignorance and lack of will to truly learn about others cultures and business etiquette, especially here in the US. One has only to switch on TV or read some of the social and political blogs in the US to see how ignorant and biased many people here are about other countries and cultures, not to mention the move to make the US more insular as it was pre-WWII.In Asia and Europe, there is a growing resentment by some about the influence the US wields and that impacts people’s perception of the US in business and other areas.The irony with the US is that it is a potpourri of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds so one would expect a more tolerant, more understanding populace.Right now, most of my inquiries for help with global business expansion come from overseas companies who seem more ambitious to be part of the Global Village.


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